A flurry of local lockdowns.

This bonanza of sporadic local crackdowns makes the case for national measures better than any scientist could.

I’ve said this before, and I’m going it say it again because we don’t affirm it nearly enough and I don’t want you to forget it: a second national lockdown wasn’t an inevitability, and as the likes of South Korea or New Zealand or to a lesser extent Germany show you: the virus can be contained and controlled. Instead we continue through a bog of new rules for new areas and new criteria literally every day.

The question I have to ask here is what’s the point of erratic top down enforced local measures if they cripple regional economies due to no clear support, confuse literally anyone (myself included) who isn’t an expert on public health, and are being enforced in so many places we might as well settle for a few weeks of clear national guidance to sort this mess out, rather than the erasure of solidarity we currently see with Tories expressing favouritism and essentially at war with the north of England. It’s that, or a £110bn hit to the economy.

Delaying isn’t helping anyone, and the need for intervention is even clearer now then when I last wrote in length about this. Of course the people in government don’t care; they illustrated that by the shocking snubbing of Andy Burnham, a display of cowardice and two faced manoeuvring, holding the people the man is intrusted to protect in utter contempt; punishing a Mayor for doing their job.

Does anyone disagree with this analysis? It’s pretty clear this is a total mess, there isn’t much to add other than that. The government isn’t following the science, and it’s half in half out in terms of policy approach, one side libertarian and herd immunity favouring, and the other public health measures and economic support leaning.

Liberals and libertarians don’t mix; and both are exerting their will over Boris Johnson, who’s self identified as both when it suited his career, a pretty fitting metaphor for Johnson’s political doctrine. It’s certainly not liberal, but equally far far from libertarian. And if you believe Twitter, Manchester Young Conservatives now want Johnson removed from office.

By now I’m just resigned to waiting this out and seeing what happens.



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