Are Labour coming off the fence?

My big criticism of Labour’s “New Leadership” is the fence sitting and the capitulating they’ve performed, scoring political own goals in the process. Well, they’ve come off that pesky fence a bit this week as a few promising things have occurred.
Finally finally finally; they’re whipping to vote against the Overseas Operations bill which would effectively decriminalise torture and give individuals in the armed services less rights. Coming down on the side of human rights is absolutely spot on, and a victory for the party’s left. Those who were removed from shadow cabinet over the matter should now be reinstated. The stand should have been taken collectively in the first place so the argument against the bill could have been made clear to the public; the Tories will say Labour “don’t back our troops” whatever they do.

Now we hear talk of there being a route for Jeremy Corbyn to be reinstated. I’m sceptical Starmer will do this, but if the left push they’ll probably fold. The attack on Corbyn should be seen as an attack on his political legacy and the principles he stood for; we need to see more solidarity from SCG MPs. Now he’s been removed, the frenzy when he’s reinstated could be politically harmful, only proving how absurd making EHRC day about Corbyn was, and how dismissive by the leadership of Jewish members turning the report into a factional fight about Corbyn was. It made the whole day of coverage about Corbyn rather than listening to and making Jewish members feel comfortable.

And as this lockdown chaos unfolds, we have LOTO making clear the dividing lines and tallying up vindications. Labour needs to ensure it looks like it’s together; and they can use this time to take a decisive lead and offer leadership.




Insightful and innovative UK journalism and commentary, from Toby Lipatti-Mesme.

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Toby Lipatti-Mesme

Toby Lipatti-Mesme

Insightful and innovative UK journalism and commentary, from Toby Lipatti-Mesme.

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