Ben Bradley MP exposes the myth of working class conservatism.

The Tory MP elected to a former Labour stronghold in 2017 is letting his constituents down.

So much for blue collar conservatism and a “people’s government”. In his Twitter bio Ben Bradley likes to call himself “the first blue brick in the red wall”. His acrid contempt for working class kids dispels this motion. A mere matter of days ago he was highlighting the disadvantage faced by white working class kids (they do, because they’re working class not because they’re white), clearly in bad faith after reading his recent comments about low income families. In short, the man conceded to the dog whistle sentiment that somehow free school meal vouchers subsidised crack dens.

I’ve made this point before and I’ll make it again: even if we accept the argument children are in poverty because of feckless parenting (they aren’t) then shouldn’t they be fed anyway?? Do they deserve to starve because of supposed bad choices (another myth) on the part of parents and things the child had 0% control over.

Ben Bradley exposes the myth of the blue collar Tory MP. While the message of the conservative party has resonance in some parts of working class communities; it’s smoke and mirrors. They don’t value hard work and honest pay, they value privilege and wealth. They trample on the very communities who voted them to an 80 seat majority last year, and already they’re showing contempt for people in their constituencies that defies belief, and is somewhat Victorian in sentiment. And don’t forget the key point here: this isn’t on the people who trusted these charlatans, this is on the charlatans. And if we all work together we can boot this charlatans out and make them pay for the contempt they show to the neediest communities in this country, who just want a chance to succeed.



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