Biden is over the line.

The GOP have forever shifted the goalposts of American electioneering further from democracy, which sounds like a contradiction, but 2020 has indeed been a contradiction. The ramifications of this won’t be felt immediately, and their disastrous and corrosive effect will be discovered during election cycles to come.
Biden will be President, but 40% of the country already view him as illegitimate, that’s genuinely unparalleled in living memory.

The electoral college voted without a hitch, nothing went horribly wrong, and what is usually a benign formality became something that democracy itself hinged upon. Now we move to ANOTHER deadline, as Trump and his supporters move the goalposts again and again. First it was it isn't legitimate until the EC votes, now it’s the congressional announcing of the results on January 6th.

This deadline will make for good TV, but nothing will change. The spectre of Mike Pence having to admit reality will be amusing, and potentially fatal to his 2024 Presidential ambitions, considering Trump will never forgive him for following the law and telling the facts of reality, as is his constitutional duty.

Biden made a consequential and impactful speech; naming Trump and passionately condemning those antidemocratic Republicans in congress (60% in the House), before descending back into wishy washy delusions of bipartisanship, which sounded like wistful thinking more than anything.

It was nicely delivered, but the poor guy kept coughing and clearing his throat; why didn’t someone give him a lozenge or something before putting him on national TV?



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Toby Lipatti-Mesme

Toby Lipatti-Mesme

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