Biden’s 1.9 trillion effort looking promising.

The proof will be in the nitty gritty.

Biden is escaping the shackles of caution the Obama era was exemplified by, and doing what should always have been done: he’s going big, and he’s going bold. This 1.9 trillion package looks like the right way to go.

There have been worrying noises from Biden’s administration about waiting for bipartisan support and not ramming things through. This is ridiculous, considering the opposition are literally insurrectionists, and Democrats made Georgia all about unified government being able to get Democratic priorities done for their voters.

Talk from congressional Democrats about using various procedural tactics to pass things on a majority vote if this doesn’t pan out is welcome, since this is how Republicans rammed through a tax cut, and the GOP will do everything possible to doom Democrats in 2022.

It’s very welcome to see Biden talking up investment and deficit spending, and even this impressive package of measures being merely step one, with a package of infrastructure and green investment coming down the line, all the things Democrats should be doing now they have united government. A $15 minimum wage is also being touted, and is a must, and it’s very welcome to see the $2000 check promise being kept, albeit not in an ideal way.

The proof in the pudding is in the eating, and the details of where this spending goes is crucial. Business lobbies have talked this up, but so have progressive groups. This package mustn’t shovel money to special financial interests, and must benefit the PEOPLE and small businesses, not fat cats, as the last multi-trillion package failed to.

Biden has clearly been pushed in a progressive direction economically, the goal of progressives now is to push for their bold ideas, and to take absolutely everything coming from the incoming administration with a massive pinch of salt, and a healthy scepticism. Let’s see these people commit in a way they haven’t before, and actually come through, or we primary them.



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