Broad support for Biden agenda so far.

One of the highlights is 80% or more support the banning of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity, a huge executive order from the standpoint of LGBTQ+ rights in America, and an action that among other things encoded trans rights into how things should done.

This proves, if nothing else, that the shouting about bathrooms and other things like that from the TERFS is just that; a minoritarian concern that not even Republican voters can truly get on board with. Times are changing, and history will look very poorly on those fighting to deny trans women their basic human rights.

A more depressing discovery is the public aren’t on board with the scrapping of the Keystone pipeline decision (a majority say it’s a bad idea) and this means the Republicans can keep pretending to be standing up for working class people by calling this a jobs killing measure, and is something Biden needs to keep pushing back on. Because if we don’t bring these people with us on the equitable transition to Net Zero, we won’t get to Net Zero. The scrap was 200% right, but we still have to combat the political pushback.

According to Ipsos, Biden’s approval is around 55%, which seems about right, and his COVID response approval is way up in the high 60s. On both measures he’s ahead of Trump when he left office, and Trump through most of his term, and the numbers will likely climb as the economic and COVID response kicks off properly.

The biggest takeaway from this data is that party politics distracts from the fact many of the bold measures Biden wants to implement are broadly supported by both party’s voters, but the opposition never wants to admit it.



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