Dawn Butler spoke the truth in the least honourable place in Britain.

The fact a backbench MP gets kicked out for the day for speaking truth to power, while a PM can lie day after day to the house, shows us how broken and antiquated our system of government really is.

Our political system in this country really is pretty bizarre. Everyone is an Honourable Member, even if a fraudster or a sex pest (there have been both on the Tory backbenchers, as is public knowledge), or indeed a genocidal war criminal (the Labour frontbenches in the noughties). So strange, and it means our system is essentially the institutionalization of the “good fellows” view of politics, one all about people and personalities, “goodies V baddies” and moral absolutes, the clash of values. In other words, a perspective totally separated from real politics, and disbelieved by all excepting liberals on Twitter who posted Obi-Wan Kenobi memes about Kenneth Clarke becoming Prime Minister and stopping Brexit, is at the core of, and indeed dictates the rules within, our parliamentary system.

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