Don’t overegg the Cummings departure.

One man isn’t the cause of Tory toxicity.

People love a good story, and Dominic Cummings is a good story. An all seeing, all purveying scoundrel, moving fast and breaking rules. The man behind the curtain pulling the strings. We’ve heard it all, and I’m here to burst the bubble.

Dominic Cummings never was, and never will be, the source of all No 10’s toxicity, or this govt’s failures. Let’s not hand Boris Johnson a blank check, he holds responsibility for everything that went on under Cummings. Cummings is merely a public face and a bogeyman representing the ethos of the Johnson government, and the hard Brexit cabal that took over the Tory party.

Dominic Cummings has left. He left in a typically public facing way; he went out the front door, advisors and civil servants don’t go out the front door, and it was absolutely deliberate.

This man was supposed to have some responsibility at some time for public relations strategy and communicating to the average voter, he became the story, and presided over the worst PR disaster for a government in modern times, the irony of that is something else.

Cummings’ departure will make a difference. Tory establishment types are chomping at the bit to revive the liberal, more moderate, London Mayor type Johnson. Meanwhile, the libertarians and the Vote Leave no dealers are insisting Johnson won’t abandon the culture wars and the culturally conservative economically populist approach he’s taken.

We’re certainly heading for a reshuffle, and a reset. Once a vaccine (hopefully) begins to turn the corner for us in 2021, and there’s a reshuffle, and Johnson reorients to a more conciliatory brand of politics, he will have done the unforgivable: he will have gotten away with everything he’s done since July 2019.
All the divisiveness, all the culture wars, the polarisation, the cruelty, the incompetence. And then ta da, we’re a One Nation Tory again. Either that, or he doubles down and the culture wars get yet more ugly, as Farage and his rabble of anti-lockdown folks pull him to the right.
Cummings is out, but nothing is certain or sealed.