Everyone is playing silly buggers on Brexit.

This process is a farce and everyone’s acting in bad faith.

Toby Lipatti-Mesme
2 min readDec 4, 2020

The EU never in a million years wanted Britain to make a success of Brexit; Greece tells you enough about how they treat those that diverge.

The British government under ideological hostage to radical free market Tories has never had a realistic view of Brexit or Britain’s place in the world.

We live with these two truths as we head into the genuine endgame of this laborious process. The whole thing has been conducted shabbily by Johnson and his team, and now Macron is derailing it by playing silly buggers over cod catches.

No, really. 0.2% of GDP is what’s preventing us signing a deal. Will we sign a deal? Absolutely. Will it be any good? Not at all, and the EU will proceed to punish us.

Britain is in the right in a sense on fisheries; why should we allow those waters to be overfished by Eurocorporations? Same time, it isn’t worth this big a tantrum, but Macron intervening in it really does demonstrate what bad faith the EU have conducted negotiations in.

How on earth can we expect Boris Johnson and friends to make a success of the single most earth shatteringly huge transition our economy has gone through since Thatcherism? This would require the most competent and inspired realists and technocrats. We don’t have that, we have losers in govt who don’t even know what the realities of Brexit are.

We need a comprehensive agreement with the EU, maybe a Norway+ type structure, that grants us more autonomy than Norway has. We could have negotiated such a thing before; now it’s almost impossible because we’ve alienated Brussels and they aren’t feeling charitable.

Labour at the next election must commit to renegotiating a fairer and deeper deal with Europe as opposed to the tariff-rich wafer thin pile of garbage in a bow tie Johnson will serve us. We want a Brexit with close ties, spearheaded by Eurosceptic progressive thinking, not a Dog’s Brexit.



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