Get the deal for heaven’s sakes.

Johnson is still putting optics before outcomes, gifting the public a Christmas of yet more panicky uncertainty.

I kid you not when I tell you I know people stockpiling canned food for Brexit (don’t do this by the way, we aren’t running out of baked beans). That’s how unclear on things people are, and a good chunk of people believe we’re on the edge of No Deal; something patently false.

Johnson, their Prime Minister, has lied to them. Even now, off the back of cancelling the promised festive let-up, Johnson is putting his political career before the nation’s mental health. Johnson knows a deal is incoming, he knows he’ll fold, he knows this is all bluster, and yet he persists with this bullshittery and nonsensical pivoting.

My message to the Prime Minister is clear: GET A DEAL. Just end the uncertainty and bring home the god awful deal that was always going to result from the juvenile negotiating tactic. Johnson may get attacked by elements of the Tory right, but the public just want a deal, they don’t care about the minutia of regulatory arrangements with the EU, and won’t punish Johnson for making a deal. 2019, when Farage made a lot of noise about Johnson not offering a “true” or “pure” Brexit, and garnered a puny 2% of the vote.

Stop stringing this out, stop running the risk of an accidental WTO crash-out, which would be the one of the greatest failures of statecraft in a decade of record-shattering failures of statecraft. End this, end the worry, the brinkmanship, buccaneering, drama. Let’s put this matter to bed, and live with the ramifications tomorrow. Let’s do something we should have done in 2018 at the latest.



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