If a progressive wants to win the 2024 nomination, start running now!

The inevitable nomination of Kamala Harris can only be stopped by sweeping grassroots mobilisation.

Are there hopes for a progressive Democratic nominee in 2024? Not really, no. There is a narrow path to such an outcome, and it involves the American left all coalescing around one individual, now.

The disaster of the Sanders, Warren, Booker, Gabbard fiasco can NEVER be repeated again. The DNC had the discipline to coalesce, we need to see the same ruthless organisation from the left flank, and if they do such, that road to the nomination, while tricky, becomes politically possible, if not likely.

2021: The left needs to select and announce their candidate for the 2024 nomination, they must be accepted by progressive liberals, all the way through democratic socialists, and to hard leftists. Someone young and charismatic, maybe AOC, maybe Jamaal Bowman. Start fundraising and internal party outreach to the Democratic electorate.

2022: That figure campaigns for progressive candidates up and down ballot, aiming to create a leftwing Tea Party effect, sending a clear message to the Biden administration, taking yet more ground in congress, while introducing and pitching to the national electorate and core Democratic constituencies.

2023: Pick off elements of the Democratic establishment that might by sympathetic to endorsing you, and key power brokers at the local level less beholden to big money. Begin attacks on Kamala Harris, her record, her lack of principles; she is the biggest obstacle, and be respectful, as in “it’s not their time” as opposed to insulting a figure popular with the rank and file. Promise to give Harris, and other centrist Dems a key voice when you take power.

2024: Ground game has been building since 2021, and if successful the Democratic electorate vote for change, and we have a progressive nominee going into the election. As for winning the thing, that’s the next challenge.

We need to make the case we’re more electable (2022 can be a showcase), we need to make the case centrist Dems don’t do what we need to do and will enable more Trumpism if nominated again, we need to get the downtrodden and non-voters out for us (this’ll take years of outreach). This would still be up against the wall, and has a very large chance of crashing and burning; but let’s keep the hope, let’s fight for the nomination, and even if it were to prove unwinnable, we’ll have yet further changed the face of Democratic politics. The work begins now, comrades.



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