It’s actually over for Trump.

The election didn’t go to plan, American democracy has only just withstood a grave threat from a sitting President, and every day there’s something new to become enraged and worried about in the hectic world of US politics. However, just once, let’s allow ourselves a moment of indulgence.

Donald Trump was defeated. A sitting President has been booted out by the electorate for the first time since 1992. That’s only happened in living memory in 33, 76, 80, and 92, and however you frame that, it’s an achievement, and quite a substantial one at that.

That seemingly impossible thing, defeating Donald Trump, happened. Before jumping back into the fray, let’s appreciate and enjoy the silence, and the sign of relief, however brief it is. It isn’t impossible to defeat right wing populists; they aren’t invincible, they’re just very tricky to take down.

So much could have been done differently. How much would the margins have been padded out if Biden had run talking about his public option for healthcare and a strong economic message on full employment? What might have been different if the ticket had been Senator Sanders and Senator Warren? What could have been if coronavirus hadn’t happened? Would it have been easier without impeachment?

All these questions should be studied and answered over the next 4 years, in preparation for what will inevitably be the fight of our lives, and another battle for the soul of America. Indeed, the GOP may become more severe and run on some sort of separatist extremist platform with someone far more dangerous and far more capable than Trump.

But right now, that’s all a long way off. And for one day, let’s look at the Christmas lights, and bring on the holiday season. There’s a new American President come 2021, and he’s not deranged.



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