Jeremy Corbyn is being diplomatic, he must be reinstated.

The previous leader has issued a statement intended to calm factional tensions; the Labour right must stand down in turn.

Toby Lipatti-Mesme
2 min readNov 17, 2020

In my view, the statement that saw Jeremy Corbyn, a lifelong anti-racist campaigner (who’s credentials in that area make most of the PLP, excluding much of the left and notable centrist exceptions, laughing stock in terms of their anti-racist records), was absolutely balanced and fair.

Yes, from a PR point of view it isn’t a good look. But since when has Jeremy been someone who compromised on his core principles; he’s never been an effective politician in that sense, because he never wanted to be a Blair or Cameron.

He called for the full implementation of the EHRC report (absolutely) expressed regret at pain caused to Jewish members (fair and right) and then, he commented on the issue of Labour antisemitism being exaggerated in the media, warping public perception of the issue. This is absolutely true no matter how much people say it isn’t; it is factually correct.

A survey found the public believed something like 30% of Labour members were antisemetic or under investigation in some sense, while the fact is it resembled something more like 0.03% of Labour members (not numerically exact, somewhere around that mark).

You can accept there was a procedural problem and apologise to Jewish members hurt by it and also acknowledged a (not fabricated, no one said so) issue was weaponised by a notoriously rightwing media that indulges in plently of deeply antisemetic campaigns itself; such as coverage of Ed Miliband, and his late father Ralph Miliband in the tabloids.

Corbyn has now made a revised statement, attempting to compromise, walk back his comments, and calm down factional tensions. This is again, about image; his original statement was factually correct but looked bad in the eyes of the public. This is more than within his right to do, and I respect his choice.

I’m deeply discouraged by the fact Mr Corbyn has been forced to walk back his statement, vilified in the press yet further, and I urge the Labour executive to reinstate him as an MP and get on with opposing this notoriously dangerous government. Solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn, MP, Islington North.



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