Labour’s vaccination campaign.

An excellent, unifying effort, that’ll push the govt in the right direction.

This campaign is an excellent idea by Labour. It unifies the country, linking Labour and its members on the ground with the effort to vaccinate, and save, the country from this virus. No one will or can fault this, and it cuts across all divides to connect Labour with the community, in a way the Conservative membership could never achieve in a million years.

If executed properly, and ambitiously, this excellent campaign initiative can be Labour at its best, and fuse a permanent connection with the public come the next general election. Above politics, its just a good thing to do, and helps the national effort.

This cannot mean the opposition refrains from critique, in fact, this must go hand in hand with robust critique of the failures this govt is making in the rollout, in order to correct and ensure it goes smoothly. This doesn’t tear down or sabotage the govt, it helps the govt and improves the process.

Labour needs to keep cultivating their membership, it may the the only bulwark between any progressive forces in British politics, and a media drifting ever further right, come 2024. Human connection and meaningful collaboration over years and months, with trust and relationships built up, can cut through the noise of disinformation, propaganda and fearmongering from the right .

Let’s see more mobilised efforts like this from Labour, using people power, setting the stage for deep organising (the likes of which flipped Georgia blue) and utilising Labour’s mass membership, their biggest strength. This is a fantastic idea, and a Labour initiative through and through.



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