Let the transition begin.

Emily Murphy has finally seen sense as Trump offers his strongest acceptance yet that Biden will be the next President.

What should have happened as soon as the networks called the race for Biden has finally happened; the GSA has acknowledged President-Elect Biden as the apparent winner of the election, released the transition fund, and now administration and transition officials can begin to coordinate.

Trump is taking the approach of allowing reality to occur but without acknowledging it. Among initial observations, the tweet he wrote confirming this looks as if it was written by someone else; considering he didn’t tweet all day, and then when he did tweet he called the election corrupt and said he won’t be conceding.

What Trump says and does remains irrelevant, the coup has failed, and Biden is back on track with the transition, placing him on an irreversible course to becoming POTUS.

The insinuation that this is being done because Murphy received threats is nonsense, it’s a parting shot at the opposition in an attempt to discredit this and convince their supporters what’s happening before their own eyes isn’t real.

If she did receive threats that is obviously to be condemned, but this has no bearing on the fact she is complicit in a smash grab on democracy, and has bowed to internal pressure. When people are trying to dismantle democracy, people’s manners on the internet loose a good deal of relevance.

Trump flails, as the grown ups return to work; alas, the damage he’ll leave won’t be easily repaired. He’s corroded elections, transitions, and campaigns. There is no part of the political process he hasn’t sullied, exposed for the farce it was, and forever tainted.
Biden and Harris are about to inherit a virus ridden, fact denying, smouldering crater of a wreck of a country, what will they do to set this right? Can they pull it back from the abyss?



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Toby Lipatti-Mesme

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