Mitch McConnell is blocking $2000 checks.

Trump’s on board, Democrats support it, and the votes are there in the Senate. Mr McConnell is the roadblock between the American people and comprehensive support.

Mitch McConnell has never done much good in politics, and this ordeal is no different. Why someone would spend their time obstructing, scheming, and denying people things they need would be an appealing career is beyond me, but it’s been a racket for Senator McConnell.

President Trump is on board with $2000 stimulus checks, the House has passed it (with 40 Republicans voting for it), and there are almost certainly 60+ votes on a bipartisan basis in the Senate for the measure. However, McConnell has insisted on sticking this with bogus electoral investigations, and the controversial Section 230 repeal measures, dooming it to flop on the Senate floor.

Mitch McConnell, and only Mitch McConnell, can bring the $2000 measure to the Senate floor. If it is brought, with nothing else lumped it, it’ll pass, be sent to the President and become law. This won’t happen, because McConnell is preparing to obstruct and deny his way through the Biden Presidency, and this is just a warmup act.

Dislodging McConnell from power is key to getting anything done, and it remains to be seen if the Democratic challengers can climb that electoral mountain to dislodge the incumbents, who retain a very clear edge in the Senate runoff contests.

McConnell is the man denying hard working people across America, people who are struggling for no fault of their own, the help they so desperately need to tide them through this god awful winter. Shame on McConnell, shame on obstructionist Republicans, and shame on this wretched, torturously slow and wholly unfit governmental system, that ensures absolutely nothing a majority want done, gets done.



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