President-Elect Joe Biden

The national nightmare is over. The people spoke, and however much Donald Trump whines or complains or files baseless lawsuits, he will no longer be the President some January 20th.

Vice President Joe Biden is now the President-Elect, and set to become the 46th President Of The United States. The oldest person to ever assume that office, and the forth to oust an incumbent from office.

Senator Kamala Harris is now the Vice President-Elect Of The United States. She’s the highest ranking woman in government in the history of the USA, and the first woman and woman of colour to be Vice President.

You can for now zone out the ambling hateful nonsense of the 45th POTUS; it’s over. The size of the victory is TBC, the composition of congress is TBC (divided govt most likely) and there are myriad things to reflect upon, but the simple fact is Biden won and Trump lost, and that’s good news, full stop.

The left’s role is to fight like they’ve never fought before, to pressure Biden to use his power in the executive branch to do every single progressive change and reform possible to safeguard American’s rights and basic democracy, and make a tangible benefit to people’s lives in the form of infrastructure and green tech over the next 2 and indeed 4 years, if a red wave is to be avoided.

Mitch McConnell will do everything he can to stop Biden, Biden needs to fight for principles upon which he was elected. We need to see the likes of Elizabeth Warren as Treasury Secretary and Bernie Sanders as Labour Secretary, even if that means closing down the govt until McConnell and GOP senators relent.

Those scapegoating progressives for the disappearance of that “blue wave” are punching a gift horse in the mouth. Progressives closed the enthusiasm gap and quite possibly saved Biden’s zombie candidacy. Indeed, govt run healthcare came out with overwhelming public support in the *much more accurate* exit polls.

This election was deeply underwhelming and the analysis and margins are yet to be confirmed and laid out. We’ll see, but there’s now a glimmer of hope where there wasn’t, and President Elect Biden is a clear improvement on outgoing President Trump.



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