Resign, Boris Johnson.

With this death toll, if you had an ounce of decency or shame in you, you’d go.

For the good of the country, Prime Minister Johnson must resign. 100 000 deaths, 100 000 family members, spouses, friends, colleagues, partners. All gone forever because of this govt’s feckless incompetence and useless pandemic management. A Prime Minister asleep at the wheel. Make no mistake, it didn’t have to be this way.

This is merely a symbolic milestone, things were equally horrific the day before, and will be equally horrific the day after, but it points to the dismal, horrifying situation we’re in right now, with 100000 of our fellow citizens dead, victims to this horrendous, deadly virus.

If at this point you still think lockdowns are a bad idea, or that this virus isn’t as serious as people make out, or that it isn’t even real, you’re lying to yourself. This is real, this is deadly, this is serious. We haven’t taken it seriously enough at the top of govt, that’s why we are where we are, despite tremendous compliance with liberty crushing restrictions on the part of the public.

It never had to get this bad, we could have eliminated the virus by Summer, we could be enjoying mingling and concerts right now, and we could be looking at 20 000 dead, not 100 000. This could be over in the UK by now, instead, it may get yet worse. This is the government’s fault. Their record on this pandemic is world beating in its stupidity. It baffles me to this day how so much could be fucked up by so few for so long.

RIP to all those who died, and solidarity to all those who’ve lost loved ones to COVID-19. Shame on the government, and shame on Boris Johnson. Go man, go.



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Toby Lipatti-Mesme

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