Senator Hawley catalyses formal electoral vote challenge.

Josh Hawley has made himself the first Senator to endorse signing on to disputing the election results during the impending congressional confirmation session for the electoral collage votes, which Mike Pence will preside over. If all goes the way it looks almost certain to, then a debate on the challenge will be triggered.

The challenge will simply delay the inevitable briefly, it won’t in any way jeopardize Joe Biden’s ascension to the Presidency. The votes aren’t there on either side, but even if every Republican endorsed this (and they won’t) the Democratic House is a guaranteed bulwark.

The debate and the further confusion is what Trump and his cronies want. This situation will cause lasting damage to American democracy, and further delegitimise the new President. The GOP has worked for decades to undermine every Democrat in the Oval Office, from years of scheming and Orwellian hysteria under Bill Clinton, to birther theories and obstructionism under Barack Obama, but never have they worked to overthrow, and wholly refuse to recognise an incoming administration, all before it’s sworn in, which is what they’ve done with Joe Biden.

A scenario that’s especially worrying, is what would happen in a similar future situation, with this new precedent set, a newly elected Democratic POTUS, and healthy Republican majorities in both chambers of congress? Would they succeed in pulling off a coup? I think there needs to be serious movement in the direction of reform; such as needing a certain number of votes from BOTH parties to overthrow an election, because as this year has shown, result confirmation, and impeachment, now constrain themselves to party lines.

The confirmation proceedings on January 6th will be an absolute must-watch, all we can do is wait and see how much damage these charlatans inflict.



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