Solidarity with Ecuador.

Anyone who believes in progressive values, democracy, or sovereignty, must stand firm against the attempting of a soft coup in Ecuador.

The US likes to see South America as its own backyard; they have a vested interests in any and all of the cherished natural resources those nations own, and have to offer, and through the decades we’ve seen the US blunder and destroy South American economies, before blaming it all on socialism. Why do things implode in South America under socialist regimes? That only occurs when the US causes the said socialist regimes to implode through embargoes, sabotage, and US proxy astroturfed attacks.

In my view, the specific situation in Ecuador will likely resolve itself, and Ecuador will once again turn red, as part of a growing red wave of socialist forces in South America, as the people’s of that continent shake off neoliberal chains and dare to dream of a better world. Whether the new socialist Ecuadorian Presidency is allowed to begin or not might not be the question, save a dramatic escalation (it happened in Bolivia, so keep a close eye), the issue is more than proxy forces for the pretty much neofascistic cabal that is the US Pentagon, are working to sow the seeds of doubt in a sovereign election, all under the guise of “defending democracy”.

This confirms what was already known from Day 1: the Biden Presidency continues to prioritise bullying and destabilising nations a fraction of their size and military heft, all because a leftist won an election fair and square. Why do they care? It’s quite simple; when neoliberal forces that ally themselves to the US are in power in South American nations, they allow US corporations to plunder their national riches, and open their economies up to be ravaged by the vultures of transnational capital, in the most regressive way possible. A socialist in power in Ecuador, god forbid, making a success of their agenda, is a direct material threat to bloated US corporate bottom line profits, and the American government isn’t anything if not loyal to the corporate vultures that abuse and exploit their citizens.

The goal here (unless it goes further in the direction of what happened in Bolivia), is clearly to destabilise a democratic process, and fuel divisions within American society. At home the Biden administration is full of nice words about the fragility of a democracy, and condemnation for the efforts of Trump to destabilise and overturn a democratic result; but abroad the Biden administration is proving itself more than willing to deploy the same tactics, in a sovereign nation, to further their ghoulish foreign policy goals. Demonstrates what a hideous, reprehensible nation the United States really is. The aim in Ecuador is to weaken the winning candidate and throw the situation into chaos, in order to help propel their stooge candidate (Yaku Pérez) out of third place.

At home in the West, we are served a shockingly falsified view of the world, one which we internalise and accept, right across the political spectrum. You’ll hear voices claiming to be from Ecuador saying they want to be freed from the evil tyranny of socialism, and how the US is their knight in shining armour, but they will neither not be Ecuadorian, or they’ll represent a sliver of public opinion in that place. We are taught America is the protector of the free world, they’re actually the biggest exporter of terrorism all over the world. Iran hasn’t got a patch on the United States; going off track records, North Korea has a bloody cleaner slate than the US government.

Solidarity with the people of Ecuador and their quest for socialism. All the usual suspects will say all the usual things, but just remember this: look at any disaster in South America, and it either happened under a neoliberal administration, or if it happened under a leftist was directly caused by the United States; that pattern holds, without exception. Shame on the Biden Presidency for prioritising these wranglings over their own domestic concerns.

Now more than ever, the United States has no moral high ground or god given right to butt their ugly nose into places they don’t belong, and to lecture and preach about democracy, when they run an antidemocratic kleptocracy feared around the world for its tyrannous foreign interventions. Our goal as leftists is to speak up on these issues, follow them, and report them in ways the mainstream media refuses to. We must educate progressive liberal types, and others ignorant to the horrors of US imperialism, and channel that anti-Trump energy against these excesses of the Biden administration.

The red wave across South America cannot be dismissed or attacked by these people, and that’s why they’re doing this, that’s why they’re scared. It’s more real, more people powered than a thousand of their astroturfing movements, and that absolutely (and rightfully) scares the pants off of them. People powered, leftist politics is back in South America, and the genie isn’t going bac in the bottle; people have had enough, and there are plenty of lessons for leftists in America and Europe form their struggles.
Working class unity is central here.

As the US government ignores its suffering working class, and abandons its citizens by dragging its feet on the bare minimum nearly 2 trillion dollar rescue package for their economy, by squabbling over which provision to help the working class should be jettisoned in favour of more corporate welfare or tax breaks for the fat cats, it aims to crush the aspirations of the working classes in other nations around the world. There is common cause between the Ecuadorian working class, and the American working class, in making to US government leave Ecuador alone, and forcing it to address the material needs of its own citizens.
Solidarity with Ecuador, and onwards, in the fight for socialism.



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