Some good news from US politics.

Deb Haaland for Interior Secretary, Rahm Emanuel blocked from the Biden administration, and progress on stimulus checks.

We’ve been peppered with good news stories over in the US for a change, let’s go through these one by one.

Deb Haaland getting the Interior gig is a moment of unadulterated joy for many people for numerous reasons. The first Native American in a President’s cabinet (shameful and beyond belief), and someone who is genuinely quite progressive, and was advocated for by the left flank of the Democrats and numerous advocacy groups. This is a win, this is the first proper progressive in Biden’s cabinet really, and all credit to Joe Biden for making the right choice here. The poetic justice of a Native American woman having jurisdiction over the public lands in America is glorious to see. Haaland is qualified, the right person for the job, and will bring unique vision and perspective to her gig; she has my full support and I wish her every success, I have no doubt she’ll be stellar. This is how you do real diversity; representation, but with big ideas, and it’s marvellous to see.

Next on the agenda, a middle finger to the right of the Democratic party. Rahm Emanuel, a man with a record so obscene that even some middle of the lane Democrats would turn their nose, has been rightfully kept from the high echelons of Biden’s administration. I don’t want to see that man anywhere near the corridors of power, and it’s a pretty clear verdict of the Obama administration that he was for so long. Make no mistake, this only happened because of pressure from progressives, and this must continue. Organising against the Democratic establishment scored two wins this week; hopefully the first of many to come over the next four years, because we ain’t going back to brunch!

Progress, at last, on getting relief to the American people. The GOP have dropped their toxic push to grant corporations immunity to culpability during COVID, and (albeit far too small) stimulus checks look set to be in the post. Senator Sanders has been, as usual, on the right side of history, fighting this out on the floor of the Senate. We need to see £2000 checks, and comprehensive relief to states to stem austerity, so what’s to come must be seen as a down payment, but a down payment will get some people through Christmas, so let’s pass the damn thing.

Three good news stories for progressives, let’s keep that up please.

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