Stop attacking Trump from the right!

Why in heaven’s name are we criticising Donald Trump for withdrawing troops from Somalia? If anything, this is a thing we as the left can tentatively welcome; what with being opposed to US militaristic intervention around the world.

Trump has talked big and acted small on bringing troops home; but this and various other moves have been improvements, and should be embraced going forward into the Biden administration.

Hearing “respectable” liberal pundits calling this reckless and essentially asking Trump to be MORE militaristic and aggressive is nothing short of a travesty and a fallacy.

If the centre-left in America positions itself as hawkish on foreign policy, bringing in the neocons of the Lincoln Project, it owns the swamp and gives the GOP something excellent to rail against. Why do that? Why let bad faith actors on the radical right own the narrative or bringing the troops home, this should be one of the core principles of the left.

The public support these moves, and the Democrats pit themselves against the public and make the public defend Trump if they attack him for this. Besides being politically damaging, it’s morally bankrupt because we know US intervention barely ever brings about any good and does inflict a great deal of pain and suffering upon millions of people.

The only probable reason people are doing this is twofold; A, the want to attack Trump no matter what even on the rare occasion he calls something right, which fuels the toxification of political discourse to become tribal, and B, the Bush-era hawks and the Military Complex have found their new home with the DNC in the age of Trump.

This is a worrying narrative, and needs to be pushed back against, let Democrats alienate their core constituency yet further; working people.




Insightful and innovative UK journalism and commentary, from Toby Lipatti-Mesme.

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Toby Lipatti-Mesme

Toby Lipatti-Mesme

Insightful and innovative UK journalism and commentary, from Toby Lipatti-Mesme.

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