The American Nightmare

Donald Trump’s smash and grab on American democracy is well underway. He’s suing to stop the count in places swinging to Biden, and insisting the count continues in places the swing is away from Biden. It would be bloody hilarious if it wasn’t deadly serious.
Will Trump succeed in derailing US democracy? Yes, but not in the way you think. Trump’s a wannabe authoritarian, but he’s stupid and inept, him and his cronies are helpless to actually overrule the votes, but delay and sow discord. The area Trump has scarred irreparably is the compact that the loosing candidate concedes; in a democracy split 50/50 between two sides, lack of consent by the governed and claims of fraud erode and destroy whatever remains of US democracy, which always was a bit of an inherently antidemocratic and antiquated joke.

Where are we in the election? Well, by some estimates (yes the Associated Press and Fox are at odds with CNN and the BBC on this one) Biden is on 264 electoral votes, meaning winning any of the remaining states save Alaska will give him the Presidency on a knife edge. There are far more paths to victory for Biden, and the theory of a red wave on the day and a (weak) blue wave when the mail in ballots are counted is coming to pass, or at least it did in Michigan.

A few more takeaways… the Republican Senate will almost certainly remain, and somehow the Republicans are gaining in the House. We’ll most likely have a divided government which won’t get anything done, which has dire implications for Americans, the world, and the Democrat’s electoral prospects in 2022 and 2024. I still can’t overemphasise how dire a showing this is in the midst of a global pandemic and economic crisis the governing party has so blundered. A very different strategy must be devised, one that speaks the language of economic populism and then actually delivers those tangible improvements to working people’s lives once in power. That is the only way to fight Trumpism, now the full time doctrine of the GOP.

Alas, we continue, and watch the Great American Nightmare unfold. An empire in decline.



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