The economic upturn is the boost Trump needed.

Regardless of the deep structural failings in the American economy, this will only reinforce public opinion that Donald Trump as an adept financial steward.

Before we discuss the GDP uplift of 33.1% there are a few hard truths I want to reinforce. Working families were still having a hard time and a rough deal during the Trump X Wall Street deregulatory sugar high. GDP is an awful measure of how people are actually fairing in the economy. And Trump’s second term economic agenda will be a continued uberconservative economic bonanza for the very wealthy wrapped in populist rhetoric.

However, none of that changes the fact that for a plurality of reasons the American public views Trump as a skilled steward of the economy; in fact it’s pretty much the only area he’s consistently ahead of Biden, the Trump marketing has worked.

Trump’s been desperately waiting for an uplift to get him to the end of the campaign on a high, as he’s trailed his opponent, often down in double digits. The Hunter Biden story hasn’t stuck because people have tuned out from the Trump malaise of outrage. Thing is, they haven’t tuned out of the economic numbers. And seeing this is the miracle Trump needed; and if anything will resuscitate his ailing campaign, it’s this.

The damage in public opinion of Trump, could be so set in nature and is so great this could be hit or miss, but the momentum is moving back to the incumbent; his polling averages are back in single digit trails. If he can get the lead shrunk enough he has a good chance in the electoral collage. So many people have voted and so many people have made up their minds, so the smart money remains on Biden. But this could easily persuade some ex GOP (the 9% or so who aren’t voting Trump) voters to come back to their man.

Time will tell, this election is unpredictable to the extreme; but Trump has something to shout about now, and something people will listen to him on. Something Biden hasn’t got an effective comeback on.