The fact Michael Fabricant gets a free pass tells us all we need to know about Tory racism.

There are few things in recent months more infuriating than the civil war unfolding within the Labour party. The irreconcilable positions, the nuanced facts, the disparate factional groups, and the various stakeholders in the argument. It is the Labour party at its worst; making tackling antisemitism about smashing the left rather than tackling antisemitism.

Labour isn’t a perfect party, it’s laughably far from being a perfect party. It’s had a dismal record on foreign affairs, racism, and basic human rights at points through the majority of its history. But it is the only major party in this country that contains the individuals that have stood for those things when it was unpopular to.
So yes, Labour has a problematic legacy historically (even through New Labour), as do all parties, and yes, antisemitism wasn’t tackled swiftly enough and the internal processes were weak and unprepared for a mass influx of members (which was an excellent thing, just unexpected).

However, I cannot stand by and watch senior Tories use this for political opportunism. They love it, they relish it, and they certainly don’t care about Jewish people; they’re weaponizing them for political capital, which is utterly shameful. They’re exploiting the concerns and fears of a minority to score a political point, they’re accusing Labour of being the real racists while stepping up mass deportations ahead of Brexit.

On racism, there is a less racist party, and that less racist party has always been and will always be Labour. Both parties are full of racism, as are pretty much all organisations in this country; but one is committed to fighting it, the other denies its existence. Tories have no moral high ground, and there is conclusive mathematical proof Labour supporters are the least antisemetic voter block in Britain (this of course, doesn’t dismiss the existence or problem of Labour antisemitism or the pain it has caused people).

Michael Fabricant MP made very clearly racist remarks about “Anglo-Muslim relations” and I can tell you without a doubt any racialised comment in that vein about Jews or Muslims and you’d be out of the Labour party. The Muslim Council Of Britain has complained, and the Tories have backed Fabricant.

The idea that the Tories tackle racism is a farce; they run on racism, and don't let them say otherwise. Tory MPs or columnists from the Spectator should butt out, and let actual antiracists talk about tackling antisemitism where it appears on the left, not neo-Nazis sympathising columnists or indeed a party that collaborated with neo-Nazis in the EU Parliament.



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