The government has stolen Labour’s clothes again.

Labour’s plans for a Green Industrial Revolution have been co-opted (in image only) as part of a big government policy launch. Let’s dissect this 10 point plan and see how truly green it is, and how many progressive goals are achieved.

  1. Plans to power British homes through offshore wind are excellent; this is something environmentalists have highlighted as a strength unique to the UK and a huge market for jobs and energy, but the govt have to commit to it for it to work; the record isn’t good.
  2. Hydrogen power is an interesting way to go, and helps get closer to Net Zero, moving away from natural gas is key and this does that.
  3. I understand the arguments for nuclear but costs aren’t improving and it poses a greater health risk, so all well and good but not the direction we want, renewables are where it’s all happening.
  4. New fossil fuel cars ban by 2030 is right thing to do, but needs serious infrastructure in place because electric cars aren’t affordable enough and working people mustn’t be adversely hit by the necessary shift in policy.
  5. We need an overhaul in public transport, and we need more ambition than currently presented.
  6. Interesting projects on flight and marine net zero travel, but unlikely to pay immediate dividends.
  7. It’s right to institute the boiler and heating policies; but still far behind what’s necessary to hit even the 2050 target.
  8. Carbon capture can only really be a stop gap solution, and it needs serious work put into it, but if it works in a sustainable and ecological way it’s a good temporary technique and preferably to the status quo.
  9. Strong plans for conservation, absolutely welcome.
  10. We need much more ambition in the area of finance; such as a fully funded Green Investment Bank, or a comprehensive green industrial strategy.

These proposals are very welcome steps in the right direction. Boris Johnson needs to whole heatedly commit to fighting for a greener world, and putting the fiscal backing behind these things, not rehashing old announcements. Much was missing here, but it’s a step towards a better prospectus.



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