The R rate is sinking, all the more reason not to be foolish.

A festive free for all will doom us as we head into the final stretch in the New Year.

Excellent news, the R rate nationally is hovering around or just below 1, which means we’re slowly sinking down and the lockdown worked. It will be job done, virus down to liveable levels. Unless we jeopardise that by repeating mistakes and acting like idiots.

The govt is right to be more cautious this time around regarding the Tier levels, but the Christmas exemptions are going to be the death of a lot of people and more likely than not doom us for another national lockdown for all of January if not longer, further flattening the economy as we deal with a hard Brexit.

I understand how difficult this is; but we just have to get to Spring, and don’t you want your Nan to survive? Seriously, this is the trade off. 1 day without the rules = 5 days of lockdown to reset, therefore making the festive exception about three households not one expanded bubble, and making it 5 days not 2 or 3, just puts in jeopardy all the time we bought this month AND probably more.

It’s a calamity, and people know it’s going to be a calamity. Of course some people will break the rules at Christmas and we certainly shouldn’t fine or arrest people for breaking the rules on Christmas Day to see family, that’s just callous, but by encouraging this a lot more people who would have stayed cautious are going to throw that same caution to the wind, frankly.

People can hardly be help responsible when the govt posts graphics of a “Christmas Bubble” on social media. Beyond whether or not we can keep full rules in place for Christmas, the relaxation is extravagant and reckless, and probably more of a killer than the notorious blunder of Eat Out To Help Out.

First state subsidized McDonalds, now “kill your Gran so you can eat turkey”, the Johnson government has taken an opportunity to level seriously with people about the risks, and to ask them to follow the rules over Christmas in a non punitive way, has turned into the same old lazy parenting tactic “oh you’ll do it anyway so just do it”.



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