The Republican party is splitting at the seams, while Democrats pivot to the right.

Mitch McConnell has disobeyed the Mighty One, and Mike Pence is soon set to follow. Meanwhile, Biden picks Buttigieg for a position before he picks Sanders; surprise surprise.

Slow bloody clap for one Mitch McConnell; the sycophantic coward has emerged from under his rock to finally acknowledge Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the President and Vice President-Elect of the Untied States. The fact the punditry are cheering that the most powerful Republican save the President has acknowledged reality for a moment speaks to how dire the state of things is in America.

The Republican party is on the cusp of tearing itself apart; Mitch McConnell is now in Trump’s firing line, and there’s no doubt Mike Pence will be when he has to acknowledge Trump’s defeat to congress. What happens next is unclear; Trump has the loyalty of the base, but where Pence and McConnell go a solid chunk of elected Republicans go; this isn’t Neocon V Populist, this is Crank V Crank. It’s good news for Democrats; when the opposition is falling apart you have a clean run.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden picks Mayor Pete for Transportation, a brief he has no qualifications for. Buttigieg is a career grifter, a Kennedy or an Obama but with even less principle, and he merely wants to climb the greasy poll to the Oval Office. The man could easily be Kamala Harris’ VP nominee in 2024, setting him up to run in 2032, continuing the hegemony of corporate Dems atop the ticket.

What’s enraging here, is Buttigieg gets a gig before the man who represents the party base on policy; Bernie Sanders. Republicans know how to throw red meat to the base, we need to see Biden do the same by offering Sanders the Labor brief. I’m sceptical he will, and if he doesn’t, I take it as a final middle finger to progressives from Biden’s corporate administration. Trump is gone, but the fight is just beginning.