The Republicans can’t be seen as a typical opposition.

These people at the top of the GOP have shown themselves time and time again to be antidemocratic, authoritarian, toxic, backwards, and shameless. Democrats have no business legitimising them.

Democracy is a wonderful thing. We need far more of it. I’ve never questioned a democratic verdict handed to me or my politics, and liberal democracy doesn’t go nearly far enough as we should to truly reflect the will of the majority. Political opponents are vital. However, the GOP isn’t a typical party, and it isn’t playing by the rules of even semi-liberal democracy.

These dangerous ideologues are attempting to derail a presidential transition. They gerrymander, they scapegoat, and their policies resemble something akin to white nationalism with a drizzle of blue collar populism and a few crumbs of extremist Evangelicalism.

Democrats cannot look at them as a standard governing partner, or indeed political opposition (depends on Georgia). These sly operators only ever act in bad faith, and they clearly don’t even have a semblance of national interest at heart.

They don’t accept election results. They work to supress votes. They attempt to undo the social contract. They look the other way for white supremacists, islamophobia touting reactionaries, and antisemetic conspiracists. Very often they are these things themselves. You can’t treat that as normal.

If one party isn’t playing by the same rules, you’re not operating in a democracy, and you can’t legitimise these people once in power. The media shouldn’t give any more airtime to election fraud claims than they do people who believe the Earth is flat; hardly at all and when they are given airtime they’re clearly factually debunked.

Of course the two parties have to interact, and the DNC shouldn’t start shouting fraud every time they loose, but they can’t engage in a normal bipartisan way. They have to call out the obstruction, the gerrymandering, the voter suppression, the corruption. All of it very very loudly.

The Democrats can’t let themselves be naïve, and they’ve just elected someone who’s rosy eyed views of bipartisanship are as naïve as they come.