This may be the straw that broke Republican’s political prospects.

Above all else, this many have secured Democratic power for the foreseeable future.

For the moment let’s set aside the hideousness of the frightening insurrection attempt at the US capitol, and look at this through a purely political lens.

This craven assault on democracy and a peaceful transfer of power will have long lasting political ramifications for the Republican party. If the last four years have told us anything, it’s that Trump can do all manner of things that shatter norms, break laws, and outrange liberals, without loosing his base or fracturing his coalition. For that very reason, I’ve been deeply sceptical of much of this dooming Republican prospects going forward, considering the House gains they made, and the fact the Senate is only 50/50.

That all being considered, this might well be a political turning point, in a purely electoral sense. In terms of life on the ground, the far right is now emboldened, and no matter what Trump does or says from here, they’ll only get more violent and dangerous. However, to me it looks like as the aftershock of this ordeal sets in, Republicans may find themselves on a long steep road when they attempt to retake power.

The images of this violence, the blatant assault on democratic norms, I think it’ll cut through with enough people to shrink Republican’s voter pool yet more. Republicans will be a loud and potent force, by no means wiped off the map, but the memory of this event could be set to maintain Democratic hegemony, at least on the Presidential level, for the foreseeable future.

This means Democrats must fight like every day is their last day in power, fight to keep these people out for good, and GET THINGS DONE, or Republicans will revive faster than any of us have foreseen.



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