Tories are gaming democracy GOP-style.

From tampering with the Fixed Term Parliaments Act to boundary changes, the Johnson government is working to etch unbroken Tory rule into the fibres of our democracy.

The Tories are taking a leaf out of the GOP book, and gaming democracy. Repealing the Fixed Term Parliaments Act (a flawed piece of legislation) is nothing but a power grab to hold elections of THEIR terms, not a set date. Simultaneously the boundary changes being brought in to constituencies look set to make the path to anything but permanent Tory rule even narrower.

The centrist “moderate” establishment made a choice in 2019, and they worked to prevent Jeremy Corbyn from taking the reigns of power; in doing so they allowed this iteration of the Conservatives to win an 80 seat majority; the perils of which have always been more sinister than met the eye.

That vote wasn’t for One Nation Toryism, it was for kleptocratic, English nationalistic, oligarchy, posing as populist majoritarian buccaneering. The press has as much a blame as anyone here for refusing to expose or scrutinise these dangerous individuals vying for power, because of their pathetic, obsessive, occupation with a jam making, pacifistic septuagenarian socialist. To this day they keep smearing Corbyn, a man of no political relevance now, it’s bizarre.

And yes, this is where we are. The chance of ousting the Tories is extraordinarily tricky for a further generation, because not only does FPTP favour them overwhelmingly; but they’re gaming the supposedly impartial boundaries and parliamentary procedures regarding general elections, in order to lock in Tory rule, and they’re getting away with it without one iota of scrutiny; people don’t know that it’s happening!

If any Labour leader did even slightly the same, or a whiff of anything in such a dodgy direction, they’d be hung, draw, and quartered by the press, the mainstream media, and every pundit under the sun; and that, more than anything else, is evidence of where these people’s loyalties sit, and where they are set to remain.



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