Tory cold-heartedness is unprecedented and permanent.

There’s something fundamentally off balance about a party that can’t understand basic principles of human empathy.

The free school meals situation in Britain has made an age old truth painstakingly clear: the Tories are heartless bastards.

This could be said about more centre-right or right parties; they’re wedded to an economic and social approach that is elitist, exclusionary and cruel. By no means is such a thing unique to the Tories any more than underlying principles of economic justice and fairness are unique to Labour; they’re core to centre-left parties worldwide.

The worrying difference is how outwardly tone deaf and robotically cold-hearted the Tories are. The Republicans in the US and the Liberals (who are very illiberal by the way) both do horrendous cold hearted things, and implement policies that shaft the poor and many of their own working class constituents. The Tories do it with a lack of compassion and total defiance to those suffering. It looks robotic and humanity-less.

The Tories are defined by callousness; their heartless agenda is core to their existence, they can’t compromise for one minute. While Republicans shift to a good deed here or there, the Tories preside over kids starving nationally (as Republicans would and do) and once the light is shone on them they refuse to correct it or change something (Republicans would tend to try to save face).

This is the unique thing. Even Boris Johnson’s blue collar populist project has to bow in deference to the free market and starve kids. That, not Brexit, not irrational hatred of asylum seekers, not islamophobia, not any number of other reasons is why the Tories will never truly stand up for working class communities they seek to represent.



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Toby Lipatti-Mesme

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