Tory cronyism, do people care?

This crisis has been a free for all for Johnson and Cummings’ wealthy mates, will the electorate remember?

The public purse has been pillaged throughout this pandemic. Rather than targeting the monumental sums of money (rightfully) spend to get this situation under control and mitigate the damage, where it’s most needed, it’s been, to paraphrase the Prime Minister when discussing investigations into historic child abuse, “spaffed up the wall”.

The government has taken advantage of the pandemic to implement yet further the damaging ideological approach to public health that left our supposedly world beating health service so ill prepared, despite the dedication and heroic work of those on the frontline, who did everything they could and more.

The guardrails around public procurement and dishing out lavish contracts to the private sector with public money were swept away; a wet dream for Tory friendly start ups. Time and time again news breaks about another dubious connection, another pile of gold wasted on a questionable supplier, and evidence of cronyism all around.

There’s so much evidence of this is becomes all too clear this is merely the end result of the gradual degradation and privatisation of our health infrastructure. A free for all of back slaps and private profit at the expense of the public during a crisis that’s cost over 50 000 lives.

Do voters care? The jury’s still out. But the historical record is distressing. If there was any justice in this world, Tony Blair would have been tried for war crimes. It would be just for this cabinet to face criminal culpability for negligence and loss of life, or indeed a public backlash. But time shifts, people move on, and the indefensible is handily got away with before the next election.

Alas, they can easily get away with this. We mustn’t let them.



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