Tory death cult.

Don’t make the same goddamn mistakes again.

Just when it seemed the government was being more sensible.

Over the past few days, we’ve heard all the right things from the Johnson government. Caution on reopening, caution on schools, caution on borders> Essentially everything we should have entered the original March lockdown with our minds focused on, rather than dragging out this farce for a year. Meanwhile, vaccines are working, and the rollout is ahead of schedule. Credit where credit’s due, things are looking up.

The media has been deranged through this. When the government makes deadly foolish mistakes, and takes huge risks, and scientists and experts say as much, the media cheers along what the govt is doing. And when the govt is being cautious and careful, the media pushes them to reopen things and causes them to speed up.

The Johnson government’s biggest problem is it wants to please everyone. Johnson’s personal character is stamped on this govt, with its timidity, and rollbacks, and buckling under the slightest hint of pressure from the left or the right (more often than not the right). This lot are even focus group worshipping than Starmer’s Labour, which says a lot. There has been no levelling with people, or sturdy conviction, there’s been flip flopping and compulsive people pleasing.

The government is now briefing they want to open things quickly, as they surrender to the whims of the mainstream media and the hard right libertarian faction of the Conservative party. It defies belief. The government has a way out of this, a sensible path, should they choose to take it. However, if they repeat their mistakes yet again, it’ll cause them serious damage in the long run. Their call, our country at stake.



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