Trump continues the farce.

It really does become about the basics here; Thanksgiving just happened in the States (Happy Thanksgiving to all American Comrades that celebrate) and the President would generally give some form of address of message.

Donald Trump has remained silent the last 3 weeks, popping his head up to cry fraud or take credit for something he had no part in, with decisively NO QUESTIONS. Now, on Thanksgiving of all days, he decided to break that rule.

By way of Presidential-ness, we had the turkey pardon (a strange ceremony if ever there was one) and a proclamation that clearly could have been written by just about anyone in the White House but the man himself. Then, the silence is broken, and we launch into a press conference at a tiny table, on Thanksgiving itself!

Meanwhile, Biden does an address the night before and a small video on the day, both non-political, and both heartfelt. Biden in other words, did the bare minimum required of a politician or certainly a President.

Did Trump do similar in said conference? If course not, he railed against reporters, engaging in a war of words where he belittled, insulted, and flew off the rails. What does his supposedly traditional and devoutly religious, conservative base think of this behaviour? This was the least festive, least Presidential thing I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing.

Trump is having a meltdown, and the only takeaway from it is he’ll leave the White House WHEN the Electoral Collage votes for Biden. This is of course a matter he has no choice in whatsoever but here we are, we still don’t know if he’ll attend the inauguration either.

The whole thing is embarrassing, the USA should be embarrassed. Biden has a job on his hands making the world take this nation seriously again; it’s a laughing stock banana republic right now, you don’t get stuff this ludicrous shown in the kleptocratic authoritarian regime Hungary is becoming.

Trump needs help, we all need help, and Biden has a task ahead of him.



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