Trump’s approval ratings are rock solid.

He never sinks below his floor, it’s a testament to the strength of the base.

Through the chaos of his pandemic management, and now his attempted coup, President Trump’s average approval rating has never gone below 40%. As he’s tried to dismantle the peaceful democratic transfer of power fundamental to the supposed principles of the constitution, 43% or so of Americans haven’t shifted their view WHATSOEVER. The ratings have remained more or less static since election day, and the same occurred during the pandemic, save a small positive pump at the outset.

Trump has cultivated a base that is as remarkable in it’s loyalty as it is unusual in its size. The man has got 40% or so of the voting public locked; no one can boast a base so comprehensive, it’s bizarre. Can you really call it a cult following when it’s tens of millions, nearly half the population?

This year has shown that no matter what, Trump has 40% or so on side, and will garner nearly 47% of the national vote! That vote share is the strongest show of strength from the base imaginable. It is impossible for him to sink below that floor, and that means defeating him requires broad appeal and mass turnout on the part of the Democrat (shelf that for 2024).

Trump is a force of nature in American politics, and we should no longer look at this as a case of obliterating him, it’s a case of containing and managing him. We know the basics of what’s required to beat him, and we have the fight of our lives if he runs again, because no matter what he does or says he’ll have a viable chance of winning the Presidency in a way no other politician does. Any politician worth her salt would give their right arm to have this large and this solid a base.

Liberals need to wake up and realise that the 47% won’t go anywhere, and to defeat them again takes political skill, not mockery and overconfidence.



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