Trump’s election capitulating shows he isn’t serious about a power grab.

His inner circle know time’s up, numerous lawsuits are being laughed out of court, and even the President is beginning to consider the possibility of defeat.

The election happened last week, and Donald Trump lost. A majority of the electorate rejected him. Yet, we see panic, we see denial, we see legal triangulation. We’ve seen the GOP green stamp what looks to be an attempted constitutional coup.

Thing is, while everyone must prepare for the worst and remain vigilant, this doesn’t seem like something they’re serious about, whether or not they were originally.

As margins widen and Biden cruises for a very respectable popular vote and electoral collage win, Trump has spent his days frantically retweeting incitements to resolution and conspiracy theories. The Presidency of misinformation is slowly dying on a pile of their own rapidly collapsing lies, to the extent those spreading the muck now believe it.

The thing is, if you want to attempt a coup, don’t warn everyone how you’ll do it months in advance, and get your story straight! We’ve heard a mushy non conclusive spew of accusations, and a majority of Americans aren’t buying it. Although, a very very large minority (10s of millions at least) are buying it, by some recent estimates some 70% of Republicans appear to think Trump won, although that figure varies.

The President, during recent Operation Warp Speed remarks, let the mask slip. As allies and foes of the States congratulate Biden around the world (now China too!) the Commander In Chief uttered a bizarre proclamation of not knowing which administration will be in come January 20th.

This is either an attempt to lull people into a false sense of security before something dramatic, or it proves what we always knew about Trump: his intentions may be horrendous, but he’s hideously ineffective as a dictator, he desperately wants to override democratic norms, but he’s too weak to move outside the lines.

Trump may be hopeless and unintelligent, but next time the Republicans nominate a strongman we won’t be so lucky.



Insightful and innovative UK journalism and commentary, from Toby Lipatti-Mesme.

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Toby Lipatti-Mesme

Insightful and innovative UK journalism and commentary, from Toby Lipatti-Mesme.