Trump’s pardons continue the Trump Mafia.

What else could we expect from a POTUS who treats his Presidency as a criminal enterprise?

As the transition reluctantly kicks into gear, Trump dragging his feet all the way, we hear chatter of a flurry of last minute pardons.

Pardons are hardly unique to this President, nor are abuses of pardon power; on their way out the door Presidents will often help people out with pardon powers, or do greasy deals for their friends; it depends on how swampish they are. Inevitably it tends to be a bit of both.

Trump’s Presidency has been marked by taking all the sketchy things previous Presidents did and got away with by hiding behind a veneer of respectability, and doing them louder and more blatantly than ever. The matter of last minute Presidential Pardons will be no different, you can be assured.

Across the USA, the swamp is speaking with one voice, begging and begging for clemency from the man who was supposed to fight the swamp (so he claimed). Donald J Trump is a swamp creature, and he’s mates with all the worst of them.

So many questions so little time for the liberal media: will he pardon himself? Can he pardon himself? What’s happening with Michael Flynn? What about that zoo man? On it goes, when the true question we should be asking is why on Earth we think one official should have this all encompassing power, with virtually no safeguards on corruption as the dank and murky history of the pardon power demonstrates.

The pardon power is something top of the list of things that should go, a President shouldn’t have the unilateral ability to circumvent all federal laws (laws they don’t create) and riding roughshod over any protocol in their way. There’s a reason the power appeals to Trump, it matches his view of governance perfectly, and what a shocking verdict that is on any power.

It’s a horrendous sight to behold, of all these corrupt misfits wandering around like headless chickens hoping Trump will save them due process with the stroke of a pen, by way of a last middle finger to the office he holds.

Prepare for a bonanza of pardons over the coming 60 days or so, as Trump uses everything at his disposal to finalise his legacy, cement his priorities, settle old scores, and wield the awesome power of the Presidency to let his friends and business partners waltz into 2021 scot free.

If Donald Trump relishes you, there’s probably something wrong with you, and you’re facilitating his corrupt ends; this applies in full to the pardon power, and I think it’s time for a change.



Insightful and innovative UK journalism and commentary, from Toby Lipatti-Mesme.

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Toby Lipatti-Mesme

Insightful and innovative UK journalism and commentary, from Toby Lipatti-Mesme.