Warnock’s win symbolises much more than a Senate race.

Boy, was I wrong. Raphael Warnock has send Kelly Loeffler packing, all while sustaining a relentless onslaught of dog whistles and fearmongering around his candidacy. The whitelash strategy failed, and Georgia will have its first ever black Senator, and first Democratic Senator in decades. The credit for this goes to Stacey Abrams, and all the progressive groups who’ve been organising for this, building the effort under the radar, for YEARS.

We’re on course for a Democratic Senate, but let’s not count our chickens on the second race just yet. This singular race symbolises so much more than Senate control for two years, or Georgia’s elected representative, although both are huge.

An entitled elite, who stoked racial hatred, slandered her opponent, aided the President in attempting a coup, stood for regressive values, and represented Trumpism in a bottle, has been defeated by a black pastor who stands for progressive values and against everything these bastards have stood for. This is a repudiation of Trumpist tactics, savour it.

The excuses will be gone, if Democrats take the Senate. There is no place for liberal elites to hide if there’s a united government; they’ll have to deliver, and we’ll fight like hell to ensure they deliver. This might be a chance to enact progressive change and stem the tide of Trumpism, we either seize it, or surrender the next decade to the radical right.

Jon Ossoff is now the favourite to take the seat, but it’s evidentially going to be a knife edge, so let’s sit back, wait, and hope for a progressive Senate.



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