What’s going to happen in Georgia?

Can we in any reliable sense predict what’ll happen in the runoff elections in Georgia (which control of the Senate rests upon)? No, we can’t. Runoffs are always harder to predict, what with lower turnout and particularly with such a volatile electorate as we have at a time like this. The hopes of a small majority in the country (Democratic voters), and a huge minority in the country (Republican voters), are vested in each camp.

Because of *conventionally* lower turnout, this is all about getting the base out. It’s about who’ll be more fired up and tip their candidates over the edge. It could likely be very close. I would say by the way things are now, it’s a dead heat; these races could turn out well for Republicans or indeed turn out well for Democrats.

Frustratingly the only thing we can really do is wait until January and let the process happen. It is paramount anything who can volunteers and organises and works to get a fired up Democratic base out, because the Trumpian base will be, and that’s what might give them the edge, and we need to fight that.

It’s all on the line; the electorate in Georgia basically dictates the direction the country goes. They either pull us back from the brink or nudge us off the cliff face into the rocky, shallow pond of Biden-McConnell pragmatism which we’ll likely be impaled on upon impact.

Do we want two years of governance where Biden has the executive and both chambers of the legislative branch on side, where progressive voices can actually bush for priorities? Or do we want two years of toxic deal making and McConnell running rings around Biden as he did when he negotiated with Biden for the Obama administration? Bipartisanship is a delusion; this GOP won’t give an inch.

It really is shameful the Democrats have lead us to this, and it really should have been nowhere near as close as this. Alas, helpless campaigning tactics and contempt for your core working class supporters while chasing wealthy Republicans isn’t a winner; as so many warned.

We are where we are, and we hope for the best. Hope must be held onto, but if past is prologue I’m by no means optimistic about the results Georgia will hand us, and once again that’ll be on the DNC, not the left, not BLM, not AOC, not Bernie, it’ll be on Biden and the establishment Democrats.

Indeed, leftwing efforts to organise and bring out the base may the be thing that scrapes this and saves Democrats from themselves; and of course they’ll be told it would have been a wider margin without them.



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